Canadian Preferred Shares March 2018

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Canadian Preferred Shares

The Canadian Preferred Share market was not immune from the recent volatility we have seen across asset classes. From the December lows the S&P/TSX Preferred Total Return Index rallied just under 4% to the February highs. We have continued to see outperformance from the rate reset/floating rate preferred share market as the Canadian 5-year bond yield inched higher from 1.65% to 2.10%. The recent performance of the rate-reset/floating preferred market is of no surprise to us since these securities have negative duration in a rising-rate environment.

This eBook covers the Canadian Preferred Share Market and potential investments. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Inside this eBook you will find information on the following:

  • Market Recap & Commentary
  • DBRS Rating Changes

Detailed Tables on the following Preferred Share Types:

  • Retractable Preferred Shares
  • Perpetual Preferred Shares
  • Fixed-Reset Preferred Shares
  • Floating Rate Preferred Shares
  • $US-Pay Preferred Shares
  • Structured Preferred Shares