Discretionary Management

Managing Your Portfolio

Discretionary Portfolio Management is the management of a portfolio by a portfolio manager at his or her discretion based on a specific set of criteria. This process of money management allows the manager to spend more time making decisions related to the appropriateness of a particular investment for each individual portfolio. I have spent over 25 years in the investment field and during that time I witnessed a variety of investment ideas and products of the day. Some of the new ideas have staying power because they have merit while many disappear as quickly as they appear.

I have spent many years developing a disciplined investment philosophy and principles that guide my decision-making process. In addition I have had to pass a rigorous academic, application and review process to achieve the designations that I currently own. The result is that as a Discretionary Portfolio Manager I can bring all of these attributes forward to benefit my clients and their families. We will invest the time necessary and our full expertise to understand your financial and lifestyle priorities, design a documented investment policy statement and execute day-to-day investment transactions on your behalf. The end result is an expertly managed portfolio designed just for you.