Discretionary Portfolio Management

What You Need to Know

March 2, 2017

As an increasing number of my discretionary clients know, I have spent many years – supported by a rigorous academic, application and review process that enabled me to earn the designations that I currently own – developing a disciplined emotion-free investment decision-making process.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is an investment management process where trading decisions are made for clients at the portfolio manager’s discretion.

Such trading decisions, based on a specific set of mutually agreed criteria, are built into a written document called the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

This discretionary approach to investment management enables me and my team to spend more time making decisions related to the appropriateness of a particular investment for each individual portfolio – based on your financial and lifestyle priorities. The result is an expertly managed portfolio designed for you.

In addition to bringing rigor to the investment process, discretionary portfolio management offers three additional advantages:

Reduces Pressure

By eliminating personal contact about every trade, discretionary portfolio management relieves you from the pressure of making day-to-day decisions.

Adds Speed

Important investment opportunities can be fast and fleeting. The discretionary relationship enables us to act confidently and quickly on your behalf.

Maintains Security

My team and I pride ourselves on our integrity, strong track record and sound judgement. The decisions we make are no less secure for being discretionary.

We review your Investment Policy Statement with you periodically. This ensures that your IPS continues to reflect changes in your life; that we are sticking to the agreed strategy; and that our process and portfolio performance is meeting your expectations. Remember, our IPS is created with you, and only you, in mind.

Our discretionary clients know that we have developed extensive knowledge about their wealth goals. We are clear about their investment preferences, time horizon and attitude towards risk. Most important of all, they trust us – the basis for every successful relationship between an advisor and those we advise.

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