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October 28, 2016

The policy of the Michael Fahy Group is based on a proven investment strategy of discretionary money management, a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager for the client’s account based on a written Investment Policy.

We also believe that regular client/advisor discussion, based on the aligned interests, shared goals and up to date information sharing, continues to be fundamental to sustained wealth creation. And that is what our new blog is all about.”

Updated frequently, and packed with news, analysis and insight, our blog is designed to expand your understanding of investment opportunities, economic trends and other influencers of the financial landscape.

But our blog is more than that. Entertaining and thought provoking, our blog will also cover subjects of local and community interest.

When we think about wealth, we think about the pleasures and pastimes wealth enables us to enjoy. Wealth is not about being acquisitive. It’s about having the resources to live life to the fullest. That’s why we count ourselves lucky to live, work and play in the spectacular natural environment British Columbia offers.

Our blog is also intended to be a platform for debate and discussion. Feel free to use it to ask us questions, find out more about matters (economic, financial, investment) that confuse or trouble you. We want you to make the very best of your relationship with us. We’re here to help.

The fully engaged investor is someone who understands and appreciates the world in which we all live, and explores and savours life to the full. We encourage you to visit our blog frequently. And, of course, please share our blog with family, friends and business colleagues. Welcome to our new blog!