US Immigration: Who, and How Many?

The Week Ahead

August 8, 2017

Say this about Donald Trump — he’s not afraid to wade into the most controversial areas of public policy. This week, it was immigration, with the White House offering an endorsement of a major rethink of US policy proposed by two Republican Senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue. While it has little chance of passing as it stands, it could shift the debate stateside from what to do about undocumented immigrants already in the country to who, and how many, legal immigrants are allowed. How that plays out will have important implications for long term growth.

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Trump’s “Bigly” Win for Exporters

The Week Ahead

July 31, 2017

He ran on delivering job gains and “bigly” wins for American manufacturers, and Donald Trump may be doing just that. No, not because he’s managed to take credit for a scattering of plant investments, and thankfully, not because he’s set off a protectionist trade war. Instead, the Trump team has given a helping hand by its failure to persuade Congress to deliver on the rest of his platform.

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A History of Asset Mixes

The Efficient Frontier

July 27, 2017

Here’s an interesting question: What does an investor need to do to achieve a 7.5% return with the least amount of risk possible?

A somewhat speculative answer to this question was proposed by researchers at the Callan Institute – part of Callan Associates Inc., a U.S. based investment advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco – in a report originally published in September 2016 called Risky Business.

I’m sharing these insights with you for illustrative purposes only; they are most certainly not a recommendation and the asset mixes suggested are not for everyone. But the material makes for interesting reading.

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